Lean Engineering

High School Students celebrate completing an assembly line production as part of a Kappa League and University of Michigan Alternative Spring Break collaboration in Chicago, IL on March 2, 2016. A NSBE/SHPE conglomeration is running a series of STEM-based workshops within various schools in Chicago during their spring break. Photo: Joseph Xu/Michigan Engineering Multimedia Content Producer, University of Michigan

Engineering isn’t just about designing and building tangible objects; engineers also are involved in

designing processes and procedures. Industrial and operations engineers often work to maximize

efficiency and profit of a production process. These aspects of engineering will be showcased in the lean

production project. Students will work in groups to design and improve a simulated production process.

We will show them how factors of waste in a production process can decrease both profit and employee

happiness. This project will highlight the necessity of teamwork and communication in engineering. It

also will expose the basics of an efficient production process and introduce the students to lean

manufacturing fundamentals.