Our Purpose

The purpose of continuing this Alternate Spring Break trip every year is to show Chicago high schools that we are committed to establishing and maintaining a relationship wherein we actively seek gifted students from all backgrounds, races, and education experiences, and make it known that we encourage them to apply to the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering. Our continued presence in these high schools every spring break sends a strong message of welcome and of interest in seeing their students succeed at the highest level, knowing that the University of Michigan is a possibility for their secondary education.

With this goal in mind, we actively seek schools that will allow us to return to continue to work with teachers and students during U of M’s Spring break. In the past four years, we have been able to return to Northside Prep High School, Whitney Young, Urban Prep, Noble College Prep, Kappa Link and Link Unlimited where teachers have generously given up hours or days to allow us to speak to students, and conduct projects with them.

Pictured above: Urban Prep

Northside Prep:



Noble College Prep:



LINK Unlimited:



Whitney Young: